21 June 2004

Ok, all dramatics overwith. The trip was one of those perspective altering months, I just hope I don't end up absorbed in the New York life and forget this feeling I have now. Work felt like responsibility before, it feels like a prison now - and I haven't even started!
Some bad news within the family, so I'm chilling with the rents for an extra week in LA. Hopefully I'll get motorcycle lessons out of my brother though... Harley here I come.
Weirdest thing in a while: I miss a guy I only knew for a week. How sad is that? He was my dive buddy on the boat we lived on in Cairns. I barely know him and yet I miss him. Maybe I'm just bored in LA. Christ, I'm such a girl.
Blah ok... pool should be done on Wednesday so I can slowly withdraw from all the swimming and water instead of going cold turkey. If I don't forget what I feel and think now you'll all be reading my around-the-world blog in a year or two. Ha - I might even become a dive instructor! Can you see it? Super competative ultra academic Stefanie gives up the New York rat race to work on a boat in hot and humid Cairns for most of a year before roughing it in Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, and South Africa! I tell you - some version of that WILL happen.
I was in such a rush to be older and more accomplished than I was - I guess that's why I always felt guilty about the adventures I had, or wanted to have. No more! I'm only 22 - this is the decade of adventures. Achievements and promotions will still be around when I'm older and stiff and boring. Is this my quarter life crisis coming early? HeHe.
Ok, back to emails, some reading, and take dad to the hospital tomorrow, then motorcycle lessons in the afternoon when James gets back from working (at the paint store). Later!

08 June 2004

This should be fun, but it's hell.
I never thought I had any patience, until after two weeks, it finally ran out.
Help me.