01 November 2006

My future cat?

Vascular Neurology 101

Since a big part of my job is reviewing the charts of children who have been diagnosed with stroke, I thought it was time to put together a little quiz.

Define each of the below and label them either as 1) a stroke risk factor or 2) a stroke sign/symptom:

a. eclampsia
b. HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome)
c. PFO (patent ferman ovalae)
d. PDA (patent ductus arteriosis)
e. moyamoya
f. AVM (ateriovascular malformation)
g. Otitis media
h. Hemiparesis
i. dysmetria
j. ataxia
k. aphasia
l. dysarthia
m. vasospasm
n. mastoiditis

Which pair of arteries feeds the PCAs (posterior cerebral arteries)?
Which pair of arteries feed the ACAs/MCAs (anterior cerebral and middle cerebral)?
What arterty does the PICA (posterior inferior cerebellar artery) originate from?
Where are the watershed regions located?
What is the most common pattern of ischemia for cardioembolic stroke?
What is the difference between stenosis and coarction?

For the answers... check the comments.