25 March 2010

X vs Y

According to my pathology review book, if you have an extra copy of the Y chromosome (male) you are more likely to have severe acne and be a violent criminal. If you have an extra copy of the X chromosome you are likely to have menstrual abnormalities.

If you have two extra copies of the female chromosome you will have mental deficiencies, but if you have two extra copies of the Y chromosome you will be dead.

21 March 2010

One day of freedom

I officially passed and completed my M2 year! Pre-clinical medical school is over! My reward is a single day off before 4.5 weeks of intense boards studying.

I decided this was insufficient and so allowed myself the following two additional indulgences:

1.) Oreo milkshake from Potbelly's. Amazing and delicious.

2.) A new pair of shoes. They are completely impractical but utterly fabulous. Who doesn't feel sexy in red peep-toe heels?

13 March 2010

I drove this car (Mustang Bullitt) last night. It started raining and I spun it out (without hitting anything or hurting anyone). The owner was sitting next to me, totally nonplussed. He's going to let me drive it again.

It's good to be a girl.

Happy thoughts...

Dr. V on maternal mortality:

" That's about 6 jumbo jets per day that crash full of pregnant women and they all die."

Yesterday afternoon's class consisted of watching a video of a cesarean section and a second video of a vaginal birth (all the funnier because it was filmed in the '70s). You may be surprised to learn that I would still prefer a cesarean. Neither looks like fun so maybe .... no kids. But, accidents happen and in that case... I'll take the surgery.

11 March 2010

The Good and the Bad... an update

Thumbs Up:

  • I found a new apartment - a one bedroom - and will move in July
  • M3 rotations are out, I got my first choice track
  • No cavities at the dentist
  • Passed my physical with flying colours
  • My car is fixed and looks/smells new again
  • Love my gym, really enjoying PT
  • Grandma may need surgery
  • A friend is sick (with something chronic)
  • Research projects are lagging a bit
  • Um... boards?
I will try to post something more substantial soon.