05 December 2007


I had a little abstract prepared to submit to the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting (in Hawaii). It's customary to run these things by the Director(s) of the department(s) relevant to the abstract. Well, one of them killed my abstract. He won't let me submit it. Boo. And not because it's bad science, but because he's afraid we'll lose referral business.

Medical school admissions update

Left: Chasing sunset on a plane to St. Louis.

Applications completed: 23
Interviews offered: 12
Rejections: 3
Acceptances: 3

Organic Lab

Catalytic Hydrogenation of 4-cyclohexene-cis-1,2-dicarboxylic acid. We used a syringe to inject sodium borohydride while boiling the solution with chloroplatinic acid and activated carbon in a steam bath. The inflated balloon indicates that hydrogen gas is being produced and thus the solution is under pressure (sealed container).

It's exciting because I used a syringe. Twice.