21 October 2011

Emergency Dept: week 4

Monday: chest compressions and a resident too busy to staff with me
Tuesday: no cath for you, more abdominal pain
Wednesday: just had his nose done and now it's broken, back pain, allergic reaction
Thursday: it's not your shunt but we'll scan you anyway, can't stop pooping
Friday: exam (that doesn't count)

19 October 2011

Emergency Department: Week 3

Monday: name that heart rhythm...
Tuesday: just plain crazy x2, abdominal pain
Wednesday: off! pumpkin surgery.
Thursday: immunosuppressed and febrile, attending gave me homework?!
Friday: chest compressions, large bore IVs and a bladder scan
Saturday: mr anxious, mrs crazy and the guy smoking though lung cancer
Sunday: off (again)

09 October 2011

Emergency Dept: week 2

Monday: Lupus, vomiting blood, strep throat, passing out.
Tuesday: Multiple orbital fractures, pelvic exam and a cheerleader with the flu.
Wednesday: Tech shift - peripheral IVs, appendicitis.
Thursday: Splints x3. Asthma. Oops, the baby ate mommy's pills.
Friday: Stitched up a chin, a forehead and an ear.
Saturday: Biliary colic, drunk, drunker and drunkest.
Sunday: off

02 October 2011

Emergency Dept: week 1

Monday: orientation. started an IV on a classmate.

Tuesday: orientation. splinted a classmate.
Wednesday: abdominal pain x2, chest pain and hypoglycemia. started an IV.
Thursday: seizure, abdominal pain x2, chest pain. did an NG lavage and placed an a-line.
Friday (peds): poison ivy, lip abrasion, abnormal labs, abdominal pain, seizure

Funny thing about that poison ivy... the little boy had a small patch of it on his hand and a big patch of it in his groin area...