26 November 2007

THE reason to get a Wii

Guitar Hero.

I played it for the first time this weekend.

A Mazing.

Even XKCD commented: Comic 70

Song added to my playlist because of Guitar Hero: Monsters by Matchbook Romance

Le Nozze Di Figaro

On Saturday night we headed to the Metropolitan opera to see Bryn Terfel and Simon Keenlyside in The Marriage of Figaro. It was a spectacular performance, but Anja Harteros stole the show. She played the Countess and received a longer standing ovation than either Terfel or Keenlyside. Her act II aria "Porgi, amor" and act III aria "Dove Sono" were riveting. Ekaterina Siurina was a lackluster Susannah in the midst of such a powerhouse cast; really only shining in her act IV aria "Deh! vieni, non tardar." It was only too apparent in the act III duet "Sull'aria" which soprano was carrying the show. There were two hilarious moments; one when a prop rolled off the stage and hit a cellist in the head (she finished the act and left), and another when Figaro motioned to Susannah to spank him in Act IV. Clearly, the Met and Terfel have a sense of humor.

On a different note, the dinner we had afterwards was also quite spectacular. Yum.

20 November 2007

17 November 2007

11 November 2007

Bacon or Chocolate?

In Vegas three of us discussed a theory that any food could be improved when accompanied by either bacon or chocolate. Some are an easy call: a turkey sandwich calls for some bacon while a cheesecake calls for chocolate.

Now I would have put Diet Coke in the chocolate column, but apparently I was outvoted because somewhere you can get Diet Coke with Bacon.

Question though... diet coke is kosher. Is diet coke with bacon?

In Boston?

This appears to be a wild turkey. He was just ambling around the block in the rough vicinity of MIT. I would posit that this is a dangerous time of year for a large, tasty turkey to be out for a stroll.

06 November 2007


About five minutes into my (non-Harvard) medical school interview...

Faculty interviewer: Have you ever been to Boston before?
Me: Yes, once. It's a great city.
Faculty interviewer: Was it to interview at Harvard medical school?
Me: ... yes.
Faculty interviewer: What did you think? You're exactly the type of person they like.
Me: Well, I think has good and bad qualities like every other school.
Faculty interviewer: What about UPenn, when are you interviewing there?
Me: I don't have an interview there.
Faculty interviewer: Yet. My daughter went there. She lived in University city. You don't want to live in the ghetto though. She almost went to Columbia, are you interviewing there?
Me: They have not invited me either.

I actually ended up liking the guy, but what a stressful start!