29 August 2010

Drug rash

For anyone who hasn't seen an allergic drug rash, this is what it looks like. Yes, that's my leg and yes, that's me having the allergic reaction. No, it wasn't confined to my right leg. It was, in fact, over my entire body, including my face.

This photo was snapped while I was in the urgent care waiting for steroids. I tried Benedryl and hoped it would do the trick. Nope. So off to urgent care for a shot of solumedrol to the hip and a prednisone taper as well as two varieties of antihistamine.

36 hours post solumedrol it covers the same area, but a much lighter shade of pink. Yes, I will go to work tomorrow and yes, I will be wearing concealer, long pants and long sleeves.

21 August 2010

Tenants of surgery

1. Don't stand when you can sit

2. Don't sit when you can lie
3. Eat when you can
4. Sleep when you can
5. Don't mess with the pancreas

05 August 2010

kiddies say the darndest...

16-year old boy I'm playing scrabble with on inpatient psych ward: You look like a fish.

Me: That's not very nice.
Boy: It's the eyes.
Me: I have poppy-buggy fish eyes?
Boy: No. They're just... like... fluorescent!
Me: Fluorescent? How is that fish like?
Boy: They just remind me of the Caribbean, okay?