19 June 2005

It's official, all the little dramas and problems are solved! Yes! i'm not quite caught up on the To Do list, but that will come. I have to admit my dominant feeling at the moment is relief, relief and maybe just a little exhaustion.

Saw Batman, liked it. Next must see: War of the Worlds.

Life still feels like college. It doesn't feel significantly different. Is that weird? I still don't feel 23 and it's been two weeks.

The one thing that's on my mind the most I can't really write about because it's possible that people involved read this. I don't really feel like talking about work so there's not much to say.

England July 6 - 15, possibly the weekend in the middle will be spent in Prague. Should be fun :)

JP Morgan corporate challenge 3.5 mile run on Thurs, I hope I'm ready.

Work tomorrow so, peace.

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