25 June 2007

A real summer

For the last few weeks this little academic turned into a little socialite. There was tennis, bruchetta, wine, rum runners, bread pudding and strolls though the park. I'm hoping the tennis will continue, and I may be adding in yoga too.
I am hopping over to California for the July 4th weekend to see my family, and then hopefully up to NYC for a close friend's birthday.
In the fall my academic side will return with Nervous Systems lab (brain dissection class) and Organic Chemistry lab.
As much as I am loving the time to see my friends and the absence of exams, I am still not entirely sure what to do with myself when there is no homework!

For those of you not familiar with the rum runner:
1 shot dark rum
1/2 shot 151 rum
3/4 shot banana liquor
3/4 shot blackberry brandy
1/2 shot grenadine
3/4 shot lime juice

Drink slowly.

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