06 November 2007


About five minutes into my (non-Harvard) medical school interview...

Faculty interviewer: Have you ever been to Boston before?
Me: Yes, once. It's a great city.
Faculty interviewer: Was it to interview at Harvard medical school?
Me: ... yes.
Faculty interviewer: What did you think? You're exactly the type of person they like.
Me: Well, I think has good and bad qualities like every other school.
Faculty interviewer: What about UPenn, when are you interviewing there?
Me: I don't have an interview there.
Faculty interviewer: Yet. My daughter went there. She lived in University city. You don't want to live in the ghetto though. She almost went to Columbia, are you interviewing there?
Me: They have not invited me either.

I actually ended up liking the guy, but what a stressful start!

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