14 January 2008

Get in the boat, fishes, jump in the boat!

First, 10 points to whomever gets the reference that is the post title. Not that the points are good for anything, but you can say you have them. Second, before I even describe the picture to the left: yes, I am aware that whales, even gray ones, are not fish. They are, in fact, mammals. Of the Baylean variety to be specific.

As you may have guessed by now the photo is of gray whales migrating off of the coast of California. The island shown is Anna Cappa, one of the Channel islands. This is about 15 minutes from where my parents live (well, the dock on the mainland anyway, it's another 40 by boat) so while visiting them we took a little romp on the ocean. Only one person on the boat got seasick, which is amazing, because it was so calm. Who gets seasick in calm waters on a sunny day?

The other photo is of sea lions (you can tell they aren't seals because they have ears): one male and one female. If you guessed the fat one is the male, you're right. I could insert a snarky comment here about why men are fat but in seals the women are the fat ones so it's a bit of a wash.

Next planned adventure in California: summer 2008: golf.

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