10 June 2008

Wedding weekend in nyc

The weekend in New York City was punctuated by a few fun highlights, not the least of which was staying in my friend's rather fabulous apartment near Columbus circle.

The ceremony and reception had about three hours in between them, so a few of us decided to find a local pub and grab a beer. The watering hole we ended up in had no draught beer and the bartender was taking bets on the payphone for Belmont. There was, however, a pool table. James managed to clear the table in a single turn (he broke and the rest of us didn't touch a cue).

The reception involved some classic dances moves: soulja boy, the roger rabbit, etc as well as 12 courses of yummy food. The wedding cake was an ice cream cake - a choice I fully and wholeheartedly endorse.

Post wedding we headed to Manhatten for a drink. We managed to grab a bottle of champagne from the reception and brought it, and a stack of paper cups, to the bar. We tried to pop it and drink it asap so as not to get caught, but get caught we did. We smooth talked the manager into waiving the corking fee by ordering drinks and shots and stayed out into the early am.

Congrats Jeff & Joanna!

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