12 July 2008

North, to Alaska!

Completing my North American tour (S: Mexico to N: Alaska, E: NY to W: California) was an active little jaunt through Alaska by boat. The best moment was climbing the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau, hands down, no questions. Yes, that's me to the left. We helicoptered up there (fantastic), trekked around and did a little climbing. We helicoptered back out just as the storms rolled in.

In Skagway we rode a gold rush era train up to the white pass summit and biked back down (cold!). In Icy Straight Point we drove ATVs up a mountain and ziplined back down (that's my brother and I in the photo) from an elevation of about 3000ft. In Ketchican we went salmon fishing, but somehow managed to catch two dogfish sharks. We let everything we caught go- for the karma.

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