10 August 2008

Orientation round-up

The first week of medical school is coming to a close and I thought I would run through the highlights. First, we were all coated and attended a rather awkward reception because no one knew anyone else. The chocolate-covered strawberries were delicious though. The next three days included an array of (rather boring) lectures acquainting us with the school, its policies and what was expected of us interspersed with some cool team building exercises and lots of provided food.

Thursday night was the traditional M1 bar crawl (the first day of class was also Thursday...coincidence... not exactly). We all wore pretty blue matching shirts and had drink specials at three bars in town. Pre-drinking chow at the Pizza House before shots and dancing and singing to Bon Jovi. Fun moment: asking directions from a law student. His reponse: what did you get on the MCAT?

Friday I missed the first hour of lecture (bad me) but did make it to a dinner party at a neighbor's house and a hip hop concert (6 acts!) in town. The DJ for the Blue Scholars is a phenom... I never thought I would hear Green Day turned into a hip hop beat, but it works.

Saturday we made a little mall trip, then a BBQ and a night of dancing at Live. Tonight will be Indian food for dinner... yummy!

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