01 September 2008

Passed: Patients & Populations

I have successfully completed the first sequence in medical school: patients and populations. It was comprised of three threads: Medical decision making, pathology and genetics. If anyone ever told you there is no math in medical school, they were wrong. Bayesian probabilities anyone?

It was actually quite a nice starting sequence because we had no anatomy or histology - giving us more time to get to know each other and the town. Once a week we had patient presentations, for example, the mother of a son with Down Syndrome, a woman who has tested positive for Huntington (but is still clinically asymptomatic) and a girl who was diagnosed with colon cancer at 22.

Speaking of extra-curriculars... the first football game was Saturday! You have definitely not seen a tailgate until you've seen a big 10 tailgate. Wow.

We have met our cadavers though and dissection begins Sept 2. Histology Sept 3. Next sequence: Cells & Tissues.

(one photo is from the tailgate, the other is karaoke night)

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