02 December 2009

Wednesday night procrastination

My much-anticipated new shoes came - limited edition pinstripe Jack Purcells. I love them. Super preppy with a twist. So perfect. They took their inaugural walk to get me to IV clinic and back.

IV clinic is where the emergency department docs teach us how to place IVs and subsequently give us equipment to practice on each other. My friend J and I stuck each other three times. It turns out placing IVs in the hand is both more difficult and more painful than in the arm.

I watched the premiere of Scrubs season 9 and was disappointed. What the hell were all the first year medical students doing on rounds, in scrubs and working with patients? Your first two years (until you take and pass the boards) you are lucky if you shadow rounds - you are definitely not let loose in the hospital. Not to mention you would definitely not have a class called internal medicine before you've completed something as basic as anatomy. C'mon writers. Seriously.

Speaking of boards, I've turned in my registration for mine. I'm aiming for April 26... USMLE step 1 is officially on my radar.

I haven't been in the OR since Oct 14th, but I'm on call this Thurs-Sun. Here's hoping for a liver. Except maybe not Sat night (day is fine) because I have a date and I would kinda like to make it. Even if I have to show up with a pager and track marks (from IV clinic). Actually, Sat would be a good time to get my autopsy requirement out of the way. So here's hoping for a dead body and a life-saving liver, all in one weekend.

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