02 January 2010

I graduated high school a DECADE ago?!

This is a photo of me getting dressed for new years this year. It was a low-key affair with low expectations so it turned out to be an okay night. I wasn't quite back to myself -I'm still not- having just been traveling internationally. I always get a bit brooding when I return home. I don't like giving up the freedom of traveling - life is a bit too tied down and restricting for my taste. I wonder if I should have taken more time off - a whole year of traveling instead of just a few months? I also miss the person I am when I'm not here - I'm more confident, easygoing, in-the-present when I'm away.

I'm not usually very big on new year's resolutions, but this year I have a few. They are more reflections on self-improvement that stem from travel, but new years is as good an excuse as any.

1. I choose confidence. I choose to be okay with who I am. I will own it.
2. I will read more non-medical non-fiction.
3. I will stop using medical school as an excuse.

I'm going to head back to California for a couple of weeks in early April and then hopefully off to Turkey the first week of May. Hopefully that will sate the nomad in me until next December.

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