13 September 2010

An app that doesn't exist?!

I have done it. I have found the one app that had not yet been made for iphone. A surgical skills app that has demonstrations of knot tying, sutures, suture anchors, etc. It would be even better if they combined this with existing applications that have pictures of common surgical instruments, descriptions of suture/needle types and sample surgery note formats. There are fishing knot apps, climbing knot apps, menswear tie knot apps and chinese decorative knot apps - but no surgical knot apps.

If someone were really ambitious they would make an iphone case with a ring on the corner that students could hook suture through for mobile practice sessions. I'm just saying, people tie 'em to their scrub trouser ties at the moment and that goes bad one of two ways: you accidentally undo your pants while playing with the suture or 2) you can't get your pants off because you've sutured the knot fast.

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