22 August 2005

Another Brilliant Weekend

DC was a complete blast last weekend, and NYC/Philly was brilliant this weekend. Mike Olson came up to the City and it was so much fun - we did thai, ice cream, the city bakery, scones... it wasn't healthy but is was a lot of fun. The ice cream at Cones was great too - I had banana and hazelnut (wow!). Mike is a really great guy and it was awesome to see him again.
Philly was cool. I'd never been there before and it's really a neat city. The Penn interview went well and it looks like (fingers crossed) I could be there in January. It would take a year to complete my coursework and then I could work in a lab and get free education credits while I apply to med school. As always, it was really good seeing Priya and just being at Penn I got that feeling... that feeling that it was right. The same that I got being at CMU for the first time - a feeling I did not get when I signed up with UBS. I don't want to rush into anything, but this really does seem like a good idea, like the right thing to do, like something that will make me happy again.
Oh, and also... Kat hired someone for me to train in DI who starts on 29 Aug. Then I will move to the Index desk. At least that will make the interim more bearable. Dare I say it... I'm feeling optimistic : )

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