28 August 2005

Turmoil - in a good sense

My whole life changed in 48 hours and as a result everything is up in the air, there's tons to do, and I'm the happiest I've been in a while! I'm going back to school starting Jan 9 - Philly here I come! I have one year of post-bac at Penn, hopefully while working in the hospital and a lab, and then it's application time for a PhD or MD program.

In the meantime I'll be leaving UBS and hopefully living in Thailand for 2 - 2.5 months while getting my scuba certification. That is, my Professional Divemaster certification ;) Yay!

I'm also hoping to get on the last recruiting trip to CMU before I go so hopefully I'll see those of you in the 'burgh in late September. And I'm working on gettting to Chicago too.. Swati ; )

Of course they'll be at least a week in LA too - probably at the end of December. Anyone who doesn't have somewhere for New Years should consider coming to LA and we'll make our own party... New York has been DONE on that front.

It's been a rather social last couple of weeks which is really hurting my gym time - especially now when I have to double down! If I'm gonna live in a wetsuit for 2 months I need to start getting some serious miles in.

And now for some serious sleeping. I am bursting with happiness. It feels like anything is possible - and I'm definately feeling a little more risk prone. You know what I mean? When you do and try things you wouldn't otherwise because you're happy and excited and things are working out well?

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