03 October 2005

I love my life!

Another BRILLIANT weekend! (pictures below)
Friday - McKinsey first round interview (I looked sharp in my suit too). When I got out there was a msg on my phone to meet Cara and Eric in midtown for drinks. Off to drinks I went, where I was hit on by a lawyer. Got a msg while drinking that I made 2nd round at McKinsey!
Saturday - Got some errands done before meeting up with Cara and Eric again and heading up to Sutton Place. Pictures below are from that night. The brown-haired, blue-stripy-tie one is the one I think is hot ;) Cara played with the Captain, and the third one was so sweet (a PhD).
Sunday - Up on time to get to Long Island for tennis with Fabrice and Sarah. Great fun and fantastic to be outdoors! Back in the city for burgers and ice cream with Cara and then drinks with Justin. Drinks with Justin went well so I'll be seeing him again Wednesday - he thinks he can get me strong enough to do pull ups!
Monday - Unfortunate little trip to the dentist, but then errands (no work!) and a new shipment of wine came from dad's vineyard! My new little 12" computer came too - so I've been playing with that most of the night (so cheap, ebay rules). Eamon (stripy tie boy below) emailed me back - I swear, my stomach actually flipped!

I have Friday off (yay), although I have to go to the dentist. I can't believe how quickly time is going right now. Just as I really come into a life I love, I'm leaving :( Philly is only two hours away but honestly, it might as well be another planet. *sigh* I guess there's nothing to do but enjoy what I've got - the party girl in me gets some time to play.

Great quote from Eric - "When I was 13 I didn't care about sex, I just wanted to be a ninja."

Pictures - Captain Wood, Brian, Cara, and I

I like the one in the stripy tie ;)

Cara, Eric, and I

As always, see the flickr photostream for more.

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