27 September 2007

Spinal Innervation

We did the entire spinal cord in one night in neuroanatomy lab. Granted, from a gross dissection point of view, a lone spinal cord is not much to look at. But when you consider the rather extensive innervation it becomes quite a daunting task.

Which organs, muscles, and body parts are innervated by which nerve tracts? How many interneurons for this system and what kinds of reflexes are involved? What will sympathetic or parasympathetic activation lead to? Which lamina of the vertebrae are receiving this type of input?

For those of you with some bio/neuro, recall that activation must also involve some reciprocal inhibition, so even a basic (monosynaptic) stretch reflex stimulates a cascade of firing.

I think next week we move up the brainstem to the medulla (mylencephalon). And we'll get our exams back. Ick.

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