08 April 2010

pls Reply: none

A grad student sent out an email request today asking other grad students to take a short survey for her biostat final project. She sent it to all the grad students at UofM. One person, who took her survey, was appalled by the gender choices: male or female. Appalled enough to spam the entire list of grad students with a paragraph on social justice and acceptance.

That was a poor choice. Even poorer decision making was displayed by the 20 other people that then continued the discussion CCing ALL the grad student list-servs. The discussion expanded somewhat and the most recent email contained not just statements on social justice, but on manners, the phylogeny of the mango tree and the racial classifications on the US Census.

We've passed 40 emails and they still trickling in.... seriously people, don't you have something BETTER to do? Like, write your thesis?

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