02 February 2011

180 degrees

I had an amazing day on surgery, which is unexpected but welcome. There was a blizzard overnight, the new interns were starting and I was on call so I was geared up for a long, rough day. Instead...

1. I presented patients on rounds and the fellow liked my plans
2. I pulled drains and changed dressings before the OR (it's fun to do things)
3. I did the electrocautery to open the patient's groin (in the OR)
4. I got to close the groin alone
5. The uptight fellow looked at my closure and said "you've got skills."
6. I actually had a 45 minute lunch
7. We did a helpful teaching session on trauma and I managed to not interrupt
8. I was sent to consult a patient because I knew more about the procedure than the intern
9. The uptight fellow had me do the entire add-on I&D while she supervised
10. The uptight fellow gave me unexpectedly positive feedback
11. I was paged while in the OR by another attending
12. I was sent home at 8pm on a call night

I should probably stop calling her the uptight fellow since I actually sort of like her now. Since I'm less scared and we've both gotten used to each other, I feel like I can relate to her somewhat. I feel like I've seen a little of her human/personal side rather than just her all-business/work side.

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