05 January 2012

Free time

For those of you not in medical school, it's residency interview season. My particular medical school gives me two months off (read: vacation) in order to travel and complete interviews. Two months is more free time than I have head since, well, since I went to Thailand. So what did I do with this precious time? I intended to learn Spanish. That did not happen. Instead, I:

- traveled to 11 interviews (and saw friends!)
- took Step 2 CS
- visited my parents for two weeks
- met my boyfriend's parents (I took them to the anatomy lab)
- did crossword puzzles
- baked (a lot)
- tasted several varieties of gourmet cupcakes
- improved my skills at Burnout 3 on the PS2
- played Betrayal: House on Haunted Hill (board game)
- watched The Lives of Others and Lawrence of Arabia
- trained new SPIs at school
- taught the M2s pulmonary classics
- slept. slept more.

All in all, it was quite nice to live life at a reduced pace, however I don't think it really generated any interesting or funny stories for blogging. Except for that time I found $20.

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