23 January 2012

Gosh darnit, they like you!

On Jan 21st I was part of a team of finalists representing Ross
business school in the Kellogg biotech and healthcare case competition. One week prior we had been given a dilemma
surrounding the issue of infant HIV diagnosis in a poor African nation. We had to come up with a pilot program for a new point-of-care testing method and justify our strategy. There were thirty-six entrants, of which 11 finalists were chosen. Each finalist team had 1/2 hour to present their solution.

We won. Felt awesome.

If you can believe it, I did power calculations and threshold sensitivity analysis. I used formulas in excel. I could feel the rust falling off the mental gears I used 10 years ago in my undergrad business degree. It felt really good to be doing something a little different than the past 3.5 years.

It was so much fun, in fact, that I am pursuing the idea of doing a three month project with one of the professors in the Ross business school as an interdisciplinary elective. I'll know more next week on how feasible that is.

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