22 August 2004

I was just reading someone else's blog and it reminded me I haven't posted in mine for ages. So here we go.
I can feel some of my fears about my NY life coming true. I am getting all caught up in my work and where I want my career to go and I don't think that's all bad, but I'm getting more worried that I won't put priority on my extended travel plans and I'll lose some of that perspective I gained in Australia. On the other hand, I have an exam on August 31st and I have done exactly no homework sheets. Textbooks completed: 0 Textbook still to do: 3. Wow, I am so on top of it. To be fair, I've been pulling long hours (partly by choice) and have landed myself on some really cool projects: the power of process initiative and the risk control project team. I can't really be specific (confidentiality) but sufficed to say it's a lot more interesting than payment investigations and babysitting trades.
The second fear was about the non-work life. I go through cycles of trying to be social and then end up hibernating for a few days. In many ways this is a really impenetrable city - I don't know how I would have faired if people I know weren't already here or didn't move here around the same time. Even with those people I miss my girlfriends - I miss the guys I went to football and beer with. All those little things I don't have here yet. I know... give it time.
I have started dating a bit though and that's been interesting! I should log them all here or something... can you imagine if one of them read it and got upset? So let's catch up to where we are currently, and all future dates will be at least mentioned. I mean really, everyone loves reading this stuff...
Guy 1 - Went to a friends party before she went away to Europe for Opera. After the party Guy 1, a girl and I hit up some midtown bars. Night ended up with Guy 1 asking for my phone number (4th guy that night), got a good night kiss, and then never heard from him again. Oh well.
Guy 2 - Never actually went on a date with him because he was a cop from Queens and completely uninteresting. Had nothing to say which just leads to lots of awkward pauses you know?
Guy 3 - Personal Trainer at my gym asked me out. That was a no.
Guy 4 - French guy (friend of a coworker) who bought me my first congac at Pastis in the meatpacking district. Quite a bit of kissing ensued, but declined the invite to his place. Not that kind of girl no matter how charming you are. He's in France until sometime in September, but I imagine he'll have forgotten all about me by the time he returns.
Guy 5 - Ibanker I went to dinner with and then drinks. Very nice but a little intense, I have a feeling I scare easily.
My friends tell me to stop coming up with excuses and just try sticking to one guy for a while. I haven't passed the 6 month mark yet with anyone, but can't that also just be I haven't met anyone worth more than 6 months? Actually I have, but I moved away from one (Tom) and the other wouldn't have me (sad for me).
Ok, that's quite enough of my personal life out there as a matter of public record.

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