31 August 2004

I FAILED my exam today. Yes, me. I failed. I FAILED. As in, did not pass. I don't "do" failing. Except for the part where I just did. And then I had to go straight to work and solve a sh*t show of issues as if I wasn't affected at all by what had just happened. Being an adult sucks big time. I really wanted to just bitch or indulge in some pissy self-pity - at least deal with the fact I had just FAILED and my London trip was in jeapordy! Then Ollie comes in a HALF day late and starts acting like he owns all those accounts and issues I've been dealing with all day - we both control freaks and we both feel like we own the job we're basically sharing. It makes for some friction on occasion. My solution to the whole crappy day was to each chocolate ice cream, sushi, then yogurt with granola. In other words a ton of food I really didn't need. I've already bloated from having a friggin desk job and now I'm binging over some crap unfair test.... arg! This was NOT MY DAY.
Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'm going to see Brooklyn for the first time so hopefully that will make life better. Also, my girl is coming in this weekend.
I need a good day, and I a good night's sleep. I need more time to go running (and I wouldn't mind a faster metabolism). I've been doing this for 7 weeks and I'm burning out already: how crap is that. Maybe it's just my mood.
Here's looking forward to cold weather. I think when the season turns I'll dye my hair dark. I've been itching too for a while now.
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