30 August 2004

Right, so no dates to report so don't get excited.
I have found it interesting to realise though, that this is the first move since I left England where I palpably miss my friends. When I went out this weekend (I had a blast) but there was a hole where my girlfriends were. It is really is much harder to make girlfriends that guy friends. Although right now I'd love to have a group of guys to watch football with or hit up bars after work. I have people I hang out with on the weekends and the friendships are growing but it's a slow process.
I bought the DVD Underworld today - I love Kate Beckinsdale in this movie. There are a few people from the movies whom I would love to be like:
a) Kate Beckinsdale from Underworld
b) Rene Russo in Thomas Crown Affair
c) Lara Croft in Tomb Raider
I'm thinking of dying my hair dark - I've done this before, but whenever I mention it people always tell me not to. People spend a fortune trying to get my natural colour and I want to change it. But I think there's something really beautiful about pale skin, blue eyes, and dark hair. It's also the longest it's been in 8 years right now and soon I'm going to trim it.... shoulder length is sufficient I think. Enough about hair.
I've been thinking about boys a lot lately, it's been coming up a lot with friends. Some are about to be groomsmen, some are moving in with their other halves, etc. When I think about it I'm very torn. On the one hand I really want that love - that love that people write songs about, but on the other.... on the other I'm so skittish. Commitment is very difficult for me because , well probably because I'm picky but also because I end up with bad guys.
It's amazing how it is so universal for all women. We chat with our girlfriends and vow to not put up with assholes any more and I'm sure there is some male equivalent. No more demanding women, or maybe no more ditzy ones. When I look at my mom and my dad I realise that ultimately, whatever guy I'm with is going to have to be very patient and willing to compromise. I'm just like my father - I won't give up my independence. And yet I don't want to be the dominant one in a relationship... ah, the contradictions.
Enough about boys.
I got sushi for lunch tomorrow - should be good. Right, off to well, to do nothing productive.

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