27 February 2005

Well my Dell died on Saturday morning so I've replaced it with an ibook. I am now one of those Mac converts and Apple can add a notch to their statistics. And yes, my love for my IPOD was a contributing factor. So far, I love the new laptop but maybe 24 hours (most of which was spent at the MOMA or eating brunch) is still too soon to call.
The MOMA, incidentally was much more accessible and interesting than I thought it would be. So was Turkish food.
Oh - nice little personal tidbit - a boy I met actually called me. 6 nights later, but he called. And I found out Jay's dating history. It's been an interesting weekend. Mike was in town.
I got some reading material on non-listed options (equityderivatives) so I guess this marks the very beginning of my transition. Hallelujah! The large slow wheels of the corporate beheamouth are starting to turn in my favour. After only two months of pure boredom (I'm very spoiled).
I'm watching the Oscars and I have to say - it's not exactlty engrossing this year. Maybe it's because I haven't seen all the movies but it's just not gripping. Maybe I'll just go back to watching West Wing episodes on DVD.... on my new ibook! Chad would be so proud. So would Jon Jon, but for different reasons....(that won't make sense to most of you). At least the Incredibles won and Michael Moore wasn't nominated. There is some sense of order in the world.
Hmm.. I don't have much to say really so.. later.

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