03 February 2005

Yesterday and today were good days - I had busy days at work and worked longer hours again. It sounds counterintuitive but I much prefer those days - the long ones, when you're working even as everyone else is leaving. I *think* my manager will need to hand me a rotation date by next Friday because she's taking 2 weeks off and then she's in Zurich for a week so hopefully limbo will come to a close soon. Two of those waiting days will be in Pittsburgh so they will go by quickly.
I read an interesting article recently that said people have a limtied amount of self-control. It's based on some studies and apparently the part of your brain responsible for reigning in your impulses has a finite limit. As you use your self-control you deplete that store and you can reach a state where you have trouble restraining yourself because you physically lack the neurochemicals to do so. Now they don't mean this is a general right/wrong way, but in a not-following-the herd, not-eating the cookie way. Maybe that explains why so many people give in to their bad habits at night: smoking, drinking, eating, whatever. By the time you hit evening you've used up the control at work, dealing with people, going about your day to day.
I've been watching a lot of West Wing and it has caused two things: it makes me want to go into oratory again - both speaking and writing - and it makes me realise that it's too easy to just condemn our political system as failing or our President as stupid. It's easy to by cynical because that doesn't require thinking and studying. Yes, there are lots of problems and no, I won't like every piece of legislation and each decision made - but there's a lot of good there too. There are so many things going on there we don't think or read about, so many good intentions and so much in the system that is well-constructed. It's just too easy to condemn it based on one issue/speech/person. There is so much potential.
But yeah, I want to write. I just need to find something to write about. As always, I wouldn't mind studying either.
I found some foreign language classes on Saturdays, but they are $750 a term! And I bet it doesn't include the books!
For anyone that hasn't seen me lately - my hair is a different colour now :)

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