17 February 2006

Cheney II et al.

Granted, Cheney can't be charged because of hunting laws and it *might* have been an accident, but did Whittington really have to be hauled out of bed to express his sorrow for what the VP is going through? Excuse Me?! What the VP is going through? And why are people (Bush included) giving him kudos for calling it his fault and expressing regret? Duh, it was his fault (how many politicans does it take to pull a trigger?). And expressing reget is called taking responsibility and should be expected of all people over the age of 12, the VP included.

Cheney's is not the only baffling behavior of late though... yesterday I was in the ladies washroom and found a Frnech girl pacing around talking on her cell phone. Can she honestly not find a better place to hold her conversation than the bathroom? Whoever she was talking to doesn't mind the continual peeing/flushing noise?

You've got to love the subtelty with which we are parenting the Palestinians now... yes, go and democratically elect whomever you want, but... if it's Hamas we won't give you any aid. Because if we take all the money out and thereby increase the unemployment and destabilise (the already precarious) region, the forces of Democracy will surely coming shining though! Yeah, that's it!

I just finished an ecology lab and can honestly say that I learned exactly nothing, so I'll have to post again later.

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