15 February 2006

Cheney, V-day, et al.

There's no way we can ignore this one... the VICE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES SHOT a 78 year old attourney IN THE FACE, mistaking him FOR A QUAIL. And this WAS NOT HIS FIRST hunting accident. Yeah, and he's the one that takes over when the President, who chokes on snack food and waves to Stevie Wonder (the BLIND singer), needs another vacation. If you didn't see it, google it on the internet - the Daily Show segment that made fun of this (oh, it's too easy). Have a clean pair of unmentionables nearby because you will piss yourself.

And what was the outcome? Whittaker, the victim, has a heart attack, and Cheney is asked to update his hunting lisence; no charges are being filed. Hmm... unless the guy dies... so the lesson is: if you want to punish someone, take them hunting, shoot them, and say you thought it was a domesticated quail.

I'm sorry, but I can't let V-day slide. I would have, if this had been like all the others, but this is the first v-day I'm not single. so yeah, this time, for me, it was a thing. And he did good. I did come across this funny little ditty though: Roses are red and violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you. But the Roses are wilting and the violets are dead. The sugar bowl's empty and so is your head. C'mon, it's a little bit funny.

Two quick shout outs, and then what I learned in school today...
To Mike O who was in town - it's always great seeing you.
To Audra K - we should have our names engraved on a table in Van Pelt.

What I learned... well, I learned that tenors make their money in their high and middle ranges (think opera), that free energy equilibrium constants are dimensionless (no points off for the wrong units!), and that snails have their anus directly over their head (blame embryonic torsion). Top notch.

Fingers: crossed.

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