09 April 2006

Desert Hydration

Our most recent biology lecture was on the always thrilling topic of renal function, which means kidneys and peeing. Now, our professor is welll-known for her eccentric stories; the one about catching frogs to feed the ducks was a gem. So was the frozen snakes for curtain rods. Well, during renal function she discussed potty training and how she made a bet with her husband that she could have their son trained by his first birthday. That didn't quite happen. Since she lost the bet, she had to drink urine, not only that, but drink it in front of her class. So yes, my biology professor whipped out a bottle of yellow fluid, told us she lost the bet, and took a few sips. If it was anyone else I would assume it was apple juice, but no, with Dr. W, it was definately urine. Wow. I mean ick.

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