20 April 2006


Yes, we've hit that wonderful time in the semester when the sun is finally out and the whole school is holed up in the library cramming as much information into their heads as possible. I am reasonably lucky, no back to back exams this time through... but there are a lot of points in the air and well, I could use them all.

We have a bio lab practical this Saturday, which involved such ridiculousness as looking at a 16 hour old frog embryo and naming the number of cells and their configuration. Or looking at a dissected fetal pig and finding the salivary glands (harder than you might think). A week later is the third exam and final (together)... Why are the antibodies passed through breast milk (IgA) temporary? What's the difference between Nemertea and Nematoda? Anyone... anyone?

I'm not even thinking about chem yet (which may or may not prove harmful)...

I got my starting date (May 9) for the weekly hospital gig though... hopefully that will provide some amusing anecdotes.

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