23 April 2006

Lab Practical

The lab exam was not nearly as fearsome as I had, well, feared. Two questions per station (some with four parts), 20 stations, with a mixture of anatomy and theory. Rather than describe what was going though my head... here's your very own, mini lab quiz:

Q1. The two organs clearly visible in the above dissected shark are...?

Q2. Name the phylum of the animal above and two shared derived characters of that phyla.

Q3. The red tube above the white globules in the above dissected rat are? Is this rat male or female?

Q4. Mitochondrial DNA IS/IS NOT highly conserved and is this useful for exploring evolutionary relationships between RECENTLY/DISTANTLY diverging species?

Q5. The dull blue feather looking organ in the squid above is the ______? What phylum is this animal and what kind of circulatory system does it have?

Q6. If ANF was being released in your system, you would have (choose as many as apply):
a. highly concentrated urine
b. inhibited ADH
c. increaed urine volume
d. increased Cl- in the urine

If you want the answers, check the comments.


design42 said...

A1. Rectal gland and spiral intestine
A2. The sea anenome is phylum Cnidaria and thus are diploblastic and radially symmetric.
A3. The tube is a uterine horn, the rat is female.
A4. is not, recently diverging
A5. Gill, Phylum Arthropoda (class Cephalopoda), closed
A6. b & c

How did you do?

miss akay said...

hey... no fair! you weren't supposed to post the answers!