08 October 2006

Bunny Ranch tv

Work is fairly routine at the moment, but I'll be in clinic again on the 20th so hopefully there will be some interesting stories from there. In the meantime, I thought I would give you a break from all-neuro all the time.

I was watching tv on Friday night and ended up flipping to an HBO series about a Nevada brothel. Never one to pass up an educational moment, I settled on the sofa with a glass of diet coke. Honestly, my first reaction was that none of these women was hot. The ones with the bodies have faces that more closely resemble a bulldog than a person and the ones with doable-in-the-dark faces had, shall we say, "pillowy" figures. Now I know that I am not in possesion of either a) stunning good looks or b) a figure a runway model would puke for, but I'm not selling my sex appeal for cash either.

About halfway through the program one of the women is chatting with a potential client and she's showing him around the place. He grabs her ass and makes a lude pass at her. She gets pissed off, steals his money clip and refuses to service him. I fail to see how someone who pays to let men (and women) do what they with her can get away with indignation over an ass slap. Genuinely attractive women get that and worse and dance clubs and bars... get over it.

The last segment was a women who was dating the brothel owner and was getting upset that he was sleeping with the girls he employed and she didn't feel her pedastool was high enough. Uh, he's a brothel owner and all the girls pretty much have to sleep with him or they would probably lose their jobs. Of course you're not going to get this guy to commit. Hello. Duh.

I think what we can take from all this is that the women of this particular brothel are both ugly and not-so-bright. And maybe we've also learned that I think to much when watching crappy late-night television. But then, dissecting re-runs of the West Wing probably makes for a much less amusing post (but it is better tv).

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