19 October 2006

The personal statement

Part of step one in applying to medical school is writing a personal statement; traditionally discussing why you want to enter the medical profession. This is a problem because quite honestly I haven't faintest idea why I want to be a doctor. I don't come from a long line of doctors and none of my close relatives suffered a horrible medical course. While I don't entirely lack empathy, I think I'm on the selfish side to be the altruistic applicant. I'm uncomfortable unless I'm under pressure and I enjoy learning more than any other hobby, but I don't know if that really means doctor. I mean, doesn't banker fit that description too? I left that...

Let me not confuse the obscurity of my motivation with lack of it's existance. I definately do want to be a doctor. It's the right fit and I'm happy on this path, I just cannot articulate why. But I still need to write the essay.

On a related subject, my co-workers have started expressing indications of which specialty they believe I will end up in. One attending has put in a vote for surgery, the med student thinks I'll choose ER, and another attending concluded peds. Interesting that I came in saying neuro, work in a neuro department, and no one seems to think I'll end up a neurologist.

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