15 October 2006

My hexane has a first name...

... it's t-b-u-t-y-l.

Having cleared the first of three exams in a 7 day period I have now "dug in" and they say and am battling it out with organic chemistry. Turns out that doing orgo is actually more engaging than many other classes. It's still work (ie, sleeping would be more fun), but on the continum of physics lab -> free ice cream it's not doing too badly. Maybe it's because building models is somewhat reminicent of the building blocks you had when you were five. Or legos. Legos with atoms.

My colleagues at work are off to the Child Neurology conference this week to present abstracts on some papers we're preparing for publication. If you happen to be in Pittsburgh and happen to be at the Child Neurology Conference and happen to come across a poster on seizures in the presentation of children with acute arterial ischemic stroke... check out the third name.

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