13 March 2008

Dear Mr. Jobs

I have owned a series of Apple products over the years, but my most recent purchase (A MacBook) has caused me more headache than any PC I ever owned.

Shortly after buying it, it began leaking battery acid. There is no Apple store in Philadelphia and the Support team did not want to mail a toxic product so I had to ask someone to drive it into New Jersey for me to swap it for a new computer. No one at Apple transferred the Applecare to the new serial number so several months later when the hard drive spontaneously failed I had to spend a day on the phone proving that the policy covered this new machine.

The hard drive was replaced and Apple thoughtfully replaced several of the case panels as well. However, the panel that includes the optical drive was warped so when I got the computer back, it no longer ejected discs. I was in the midst of exams (and there is no Apple store in Philadelphia) so I waited three weeks until I could get to NYC to take it to a genius bar. Ruth (the genius) couldn't fix it in the store but she assured me that as a bounce-back repair it would be covered and I should have my computer back in 7 days.

It's day 5 and I just checked my status online. Apparently the repair has been on hold (since March 11, it's now the 13th) and no one called me, so I called Applecare. I spoke with Dan and Kendra and neither could tell me anything other than "wait for the depot to call you, they might not cover this repair."

I'm flabbergasted. Apple took it upon themselves to repair a part that was not broken and now, after a botched repair, won't fix their mistake. This is the third time this computer has needed repair! I need my computer to do my schoolwork and pay my bills - if there was a problem or delay, why did no one at Apple contact me?

I am purchasing a new computer this summer for medical school and the experience with this latest MacBook (less than 2 years old!) has forced me to seriously reconsider my stance on PCs. They might be equally much trouble, but they are much cheaper. If the product and service are going to be this poor either way, I might as well save my money.

Mr Jobs, I'm very disappointed. I think Apple makes innovative products, usually worth their higher prices. But apparently the quality and service are inverse to your company growth.

Please, fix my MacBook and send it back!

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