23 March 2008

When I grow up

Now that I am settled on becoming a physician, the next logical decision is what kind of physician I want to be? Granted, there are rotations in third year to help me decide. I can shadow practitioners to make an informed choice and then, of course, I must match in the specialty I hope for. But what am I hoping for? Surgery? Emergency medicine? Pediatrics?

My colleagues that the hospital have their opinion: surgeon. My friends in their internships have theirs: neonatal intensive care.

But the best way to solve this problem is clearly to take some form of internet quiz. So I took the Medical Specialty Aptitude test on the University of Virginia Health System website. Apparently, my top 5 specialties are:
1. Nephrology
2. Thoracic surgery
3. Aerospace medicine
4. Plastic surgery
5. Pathology

I no longer put any faith in internet quizzes.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Aerospace medicine sounds bad ass.

And if you were a plastic surgeon, you could move to LA and hook me up with all of your female tit-job patients.

But what do you want, eh?