26 March 2009

The End of Anatomy

We had our anatomy closing ceremony today. After seven months and 32 labs of dissection, we have completed the anatomy curriculum. The occasion was marked by a series of awards, given out by the legend himself, Dr. Burkel, for the best anatomy students. I received recognition for setting up the practice exams for every sequence (with my colleague Zach).

One of the body donors had written a letter to the students who would be dissecting him and it was read to the whole class. It was a poignant and appropriate moment, but it was nevertheless awkward. While I try to be respectful of the body I worked on (I never cut of random body parts for fun or put him in strange poses), I simply cannot think of him as a living, breathing man while I'm sawing off his cheekbone or cutting his genitals in half.

Anatomy was a rite of passage, but I'm not unhappy it's over. It's important and valuable material, but it's simply not my favorite subject. I will miss the anatomy faculty, they are truly great teachers and interesting people.

Histology is also over, but that seems less momentous. Onwards to histopath! Only two sequences left... infectious diseases and development (and some clinical weeks in between). Two more months, then I'm an M2!

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