25 March 2009

Positive Framing

My dad likes to send me links to interesting articles he finds online. Recently I received one about Japan's health care problems (which I didn't read) in a journal that also had an article on characteristics of successful women (which I did read). Apparently these women exhibited something called "positive framing."

"Positive framing and positive thinking... are two different notions. The latter tries to replace adversity with positive beliefs. The former accepts the facts of adversity and counters them with action."

This, I think, sums up my last few weeks very well. They have been extremely turbulent and somehow, three days ago, my mind pulled the plug on the purely emotional reactions and kicked me into action-mode. It's not that everything is suddenly okay, but that I have accepted what is and decided on actions that will eventually result in a restoration of my usual level of happiness.

And I have to say, when I dried my eyes and took stock of the life I have, I was really grateful. I have wonderful, supportive friends who were there for me, the respect of my peers and professors and lots of interesting opportunities ahead of me.

I'm certain I didn't choose the easiest road, but I (still) think it's the best one for me. Besides, you can't "live to the point of tears (Albert Camus)" without actually crying once and a while.

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Anupriya said...

I am really glad to read this and can see that you've embraced some of this change as positive. You are a strong woman with a lot of great things awaiting you. And hopefully one of those will be hanging out with me all summer!! :)