22 July 2010

alternative treatment

Man walking in the VA hallway: Are you a doctor here?

Me: Sort of, I'm a medical student here.
Man: Well, I really like the care I get here.
Me: That's good to hear, I'm glad.
Man: I come all the way from [some town in Ohio] because this is a good VA.
Me: Well, I'm glad we can help you.
Man: You know, if this doctor thing doesn't work out for you, you could be a model.
Me: Thank you, that's very kind.
Man: You got it going on. I'm serious. You could be a model.
Me: Thanks, but, I think I'm going to stick with the doctor thing.
Man: Looking at you done cured my cataracts. Damn.
Me: Thank you. Have a good afternoon, sir.
Man: You too, gorgeous.

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