06 July 2010

Sad for me

My cardiology month is over. Sad for me. I think the heart is the most interesting organ in the body - it's both mechanical and electrical and just keeps going without any rest. Your brain needs sleep, but your heart just keeps beating minute after minute, day after day, year after year.

Cardiology highlights:
1. Man who did "only" 8 lines of cocaine before presenting with a "mysterious" BP of 200+ and no urine for three days.
2. Placing an arterial line and doing ABGs
3. Spending literally hours pouring over one man's EKGs to determine his AV nodal arryhthmia, which turned out to be... all of them
4. A patient who had a dream my attending was a rapper in a music video
5. Correctly identifying SVT with aberrancy at 3am when the telemetry monitor thought it was v-tac
6. Watching a man de-compensate into heart failure from a heart attack in front of me
7. Listening to a patient tell my attending about the "hind-lick" maneuver
8. Being the only person on the team who could draw the anatomy of a {I, D, D} congenital heart patient
9. Listening to an aortic stenosis murmur so severe you could hear it on her back - louder than her breath sounds
10. Being told by patient's and their family that my being on the team had made their stay better.

Now it's general medicine at the VA. Stories to come...

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