18 January 2006

Bump: a gay bar in Center City

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my first night out with the post-bac crowd was after a grueling 4.5 hours of thermochemistry lecture at a very orange, very fun gay bar in center city. The crowd was young, the music was perfect and the martinis were on special for $4. Yes, you read that right. NYC = $14, Philadelphia = $4. Brilliant. And these were good martinis too - mine had cranberry juice and champagne but you could get pretty much anything. There were 10 or so of us out and it was just low key and a really good time. We're doing it again on Thursday and early rumours have us going dancing on Saturday. If this stays it's course it's going to be the easiest transition I've ever had to make. I gotta say - right now - I'm loving life here - every moment, every class, every person and very definately, ever square inch of my apartment.

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