22 January 2006

Weekend shifting

Since I have no class on Monday, but I do have Biology lecture and lab on Saturday, my weekends have shifted from Friday night through Sunday to Saturday night through Monday. Actually, let's be honest, I went out on Friday night as well...

Biology lab looks like it's going to be pretty interesting in about 4 or 5 weeks when we start dissections, but until then I'll just have to console myself that my eight person lab table is populated with the same people that sit around the bar tables we occupy practically every night for a beer or two.

Saturday night the girls went out for Burmease food before cocktails at the Walnut room and meeting up with the boys at Fado. It can safely be said that I exceeded my recommended alcohol limit, but apparently I was also pretty hilarious in the process. It is comforting to know I'm not a boring drunk.

Today Jo and I took a study break to head in town and stop at Trader Joes and decided to hang around and watch Match Point as well. It's not "Annie Hall" Woody Allen, but it's unexpected, direct, and very well executed. Two thumbs up.

I have my first quiz, in chemistry, on Tuesday and my first written assignments, in neural basis of psychiatric disorders, due on Wednesday, so it should be an interesting week.

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miss akay said...

YOU exceded YOUR suggested alcohol consumption? Moi aussi. Ouch! My head was in a serious state all day Sunday. I took the train to Virginia, to visit my parents and making conversation was HARD!
:) audra

-Choosing to chill on the couch and relax (and hardly read at all), since Sunday morning!