14 January 2006

Welcome to my Post-bac

Right, so the Thailand/Tokyo adventure is complete and we're on to the post-baccalareaute, pre-medical journey. I've had my first full week of classes so far and here's what I'm taking: Chem II, Bio II, Bio II lab, Clinical Research in Emergency Medicene, and Medical Spanish I. Yes, it's quite a lot, especially since I'm also trying to get a job (so if you need a research assistant or a tutor, please let me know).
This week was spent living on the couch of a friend from undergrad since I can't move into my one-bedroom (that happens tomorrow actually). It's actually been really helpful because she's shown me around a bit and introduced me to a few people.
Also very helpful, the son of the neighbor of my ex-roommate's parents (you read that right), who works in the obesity research lab at Penn. He invited me out for Mad Mex margaritas with his colleagues and before you know it we were discussing the sexual habits of obese people (yes, that's a study) as well as whether exploitation is an inherent characteristic of industrialisation. Ah yes, welcome back to college life.
After doing four hours of thermochem homework (half a problem set) on Thursday night I was introduced to another lovely establishment that looks like a rennovated cottage but is, in fact, a lisenced alcohol-serving establishment. The specialty of the house was a rather nice old English hot toddy (apple cider with brandy) which proved to be a nice way to end the day.
Wednesday I got to catch up with another college friend who was in town for a consulting project and tomorrow I'm hoping to see yet another undergrad friend who's here on a PhD track - don't worry, I'm certain my social life will come to an abrrupt halt soon and you can hear more fascinating posts on population genetics and electroplating. Or maybe something really cool will come through the ER doors and get wheeled into the trauma bay and I'll have nothing better to do for five minutes than watch as the guy who fell 40 feet gets patched up by a team of no fewer than 5 doctors... I mean, it could happen.

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