19 January 2006

Classes Finalised

I have rearranged my schedule and finalised my courseload for the semester. I will be taking three classes:
- Biology II with lab
- Chemistry II
- Biological Basis of Pyschiatric Disorder
Less exciting for you, but highly anticipated for me, is tomorrow morning's cable tv and internet installation. Yes, this will mean I can watch television and surf the internet right in my very own home, something I have had to visit the library to do thus far.
I also discovered the wonders of the university pool. I went lap swimming after my run yesterday but felt a little foolish because the only bathing suit I have with me is my bikini. There I am in a pool full of racing suit, rubber-capped, freestyle swimmers and I'm in a bikini with my hair loose and doing the breaststroke. The swimsuit I can change (as soon as mom sends it to me) but I will still do the breaststroke.
Hopefully I will have something more engaging to ruminate on soon.

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