04 July 2009

First pages

This weekend brought the first liver transplant since I started taking anesthesia call and the first trauma page on my trauma block.

For anesthesia, my friend J was on call of the intra-op samples (I'm jealous) but I've been going in to the surgical ICU every day to take blood from the arterial line and urine from the Foley for processing. I'm sure there will eventually be a liver on my watch and I'll get to go into the OR.

For trauma, I booked it down to the trauma bays to watch the team take care of a young adult with an open tib-fib fracture from a motorcycle accident. I was hoping July 4th would be a heavy trauma weekend, but so far - not so much. Let's hope it gets busier over the next two weeks.

Ok, so I realise that my hoping for livers and trauma requires that people get sick and that it makes me a tad bit of a bad person. But really, these things are going to happen; I just want them to happen here (as opposed to in OH or some other place that I am not).

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